Health Advocate of the Year Award Winners 2023


County Durham: Ashleigh Armstrong, Authentix Security Print Solutions Limited

Gateshead: Anthony Cairns, Gateshead Council

Newcastle: Emma Logan, NorthStandard 

North Tyneside: Jennifer Chamley, Capita (North Tyneside)

Northumberland: Victoria McSparron, Advance Northumberland

Primary Care: Julie Stephens, Healthworks

South Tyneside: Zoe Malam, Cell Pack Solutions Ltd

Stockton: Sara Fellows, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Sunderland: Heidi Mason, Clearly Drinks Limited

Overall Regional Winner for 2023: Heidi Mason, Clearly Drinks Limited


Special Recognition Award Winners 2023

County Durham: CustomerKNECT

Gateshead: Jobcentre Plus Gateshead 

North Tyneside: Sterling Pharma Solutions

Northumberland: Avery Dennison

Primary Care: Graham Elliott, Sunderland GP Alliance

Primary Care: Kit Wake & Courtney Catterson, Hartlepool and Stockton Health GP Federation

South Tyneside: Helen Foster, South Tyneside Council

Stockton: Mia Goodenough, Jacobs

Sunderland: Clearly Drinks

We started the award in 2020 as we were keen to help improve the wellbeing of our employees, particularly post covid. One of our values is putting people first, and we felt like this was a step in the right direction to achieve this.

We now have a team of 10 passionate health advocates to help improve the wellbeing in the office. It’s a great feeling when the office looks forward to the health campaigns and want to be involved. It feels as though the work we’re doing is benefiting our employees.

- Tritility Business Energy Consultants, Sunderland

We participated to provide a further structure, focus and sustainable framework to our wellbeing programme.

The Award offers full support in terms of co-ordinator and resource information including best practice ideas and structured targets to aim for  – it feels like we’re working together rather than in a silo!

- Northern Housing Consortium Limited, Sunderland

At the plant, we really wanted to support our Employees Health and Wellbeing as we transitioned back to normal business, following the Global Pandemic. This award provided us with the structure we needed to develop and launch the Health and Wellbeing plant wide strategy.

Not only does the award provide us with a criteria and structure to follow, it also allows us to focus on topics which we may not have considered previously. In addition, it provides us a network with other local businesses to allow us to benchmark and share best practices.  


- Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd, Sunderland

As we work in an office, we wanted to take part in the award to help our staff become more healthy and to live a healthier lifestyle, with the hope that it would improve staff morale and productivity.

We’ve received fantastic feedback from staff about how much they’re enjoying the campaigns we are running for the award and noticed that staff are more motivated and there’s a positive atmosphere in the office. We are also enjoying being creative with our campaigns, learning more information about health and wellbeing!

- TyneRede Accountancy Ltd, Northumberland

We wanted to help and support our employees by giving them access to tools, resources and information to improve their health – physically and mentally, both in the workplace and in their personal lives.

We have really enjoyed participating in the award over the years. It allows the team of Health Advocates to show our creative side and brings people across both sites together, fostering a sense of community within the organisation. It also shows our employees that we care for their wellbeing by focusing on the topics that matter to them most.  

- Seqens Custom Specialties , Middlesbrough

We wanted a structured approach to improving the health of employees tapping into the support available and taking the opportunity to benchmark with other organisations to help us improve the health and wellbeing of our people.

The award has been successful in helping us organise dedicated teams and resources as we work through the criteria. So far the campaigns have been very well received by our people and our new Wellbeing strategy has helped us to bring this all together in a framework all our staff understand.

- END. Clothing, Sunderland
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