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Welcome to our Social Care microsite

The contribution of the social care workforce, particularly during the pandemic, cannot be overstated and it is recognised that this dedication and support has placed a huge burden of responsibility on staff.  Looking after your own health and wellbeing and that of your staff and colleagues is crucial and we hope that this resource will support you to do that.  It includes information on key topics, highlighted during consultation with social care organisations as being of particular importance and there are some links below to overarching resources and tips on supporting health and wellbeing.

This site is dedicated to supporting Better Health At Work for all North East and Cumbria social care organisations, from both a staff and employer perspective.  You will find lots of information on looking after your - and your colleagues - health and wellbeing, with dedicated sections on the most requested/relevant topics.

We have dedicated sections on: alcohol, healthy eating, mental health and wellbeing, sleep, cancer and screening, immunisations, sexual and reproductive health (including menopause), physical activity, smoking and financial wellbeing, as well as how to have conversations about health with colleagues, family, and friends.

There are links to resources, further information and guidance and helpful websites and apps that can help.

For those of you looking for a bit of extra support to deliver a comprehensive, supported and accredited workplace programme for health and wellbeing, including training staff to become Health Advocates (for free), you can click on the link to our main Better Health At Work Award website at the top of this page and sign-up to the full programme, or send us an email requesting further information on the process.

Foundation Award

Social Care employers: sign up for the Foundation Award

This Level has been specifically designed as a manageable introduction to building staff health and wellbeing structures into the workplace. It has been tailored to ensure achievable goals within a realistic timeframe.

Read about the requirements and benefits of the Foundation Award

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Welcome to our Social Care microsite

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