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Healthy Conversations

The facts

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is an approach to behaviour change utilising everyday conversations to promote positive health and wellbeing. This is a non-judgemental form of communication whereby information is provided to an individual on how they could make a positive change to their behaviour.

It consists of three main steps: 

  • Ask – take notice and engage within the conversation 
  • Assist – provide motivational health information 
  • Act – signpost into local services or provide self-care support and information 

MECC is about identifying openings in conversations to promote health and wellbeing – whether this is at home or at work. 
To see how easy a MECC conversation can be watch the following video:

What MECC isn’t

We appreciate that everyone working in the social care sector has a large workload already. Therefore, MECC isn’t about adding extra work to your already busy day. 
It is about telling people what to do with their lives, but it is about providing them with information and guidance, and then letting them make a decision that is right for them. 
Being an expert in health and wellbeing and knowing all the signposting information.
Developing a long-term relationship with that person or a caseload to ensure that they change their behaviour. It’s about providing them with information for them to take away and do what they feel is right.
For more information on MECC visit - for a range of practical resources to embed MECC within your organisation.

Healthy conversations in action – Mental Health 

Someone may mention that they are struggling with their emotional wellbeing, or it might just be a general question to ask. It’s important that we tackle stigma around mental health and emotional wellbeing so that people seek help earlier.

  • Ask – ‘How have you been feeling recently?’
  • Assist – If the person says they have been feeling low 
    • ‘Do you know what’s causing you to feel low?’
    • ‘Do you know what steps you could take to feel better?’ 
  • Act - ‘Do you think you would like information on local support services, such as IAPT? Do you think it would be worth speaking to your GP? Or would you like the link to the Every Mind Matters website where you can look at top tips to improve your emotional wellbeing? 

It's key to remember that not everyone will need a service, some people may just like information to self-care resources
The regional website can support with information and services – visit



Making Every Contact Count

This is an approach to behaviour change that utilises the millions of day to day interactions that organisations and people have with other people to encourage changes in behaviour that have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and populations.

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